About us

About nutriWILD

Dogs and a healthy lifestyle are our two great passions. Therefore, ever since we welcomed the dachshund Puzon and then the German spaniel Faster into our life, it has been obvious to us that we must follow dietary guidelines also when choosing our dogs’ diet.

nutriWILD is the result of our endeavour to prepare dog meals that are not only tasty, but also healthy. It stands for a combination of top-quality nutrients contained in our foods and snacks as well as the wildness and primeval animality of each dog, waiting to be awoken.

Our products are made in harmony with nature, using traditional methods of preparing food such as stewing it in its own juice, drying without haste and baking in low temperatures. As a result, nutriWILD foods and snacks are minimally processed – during the manufacturing process, we interfere with nature as little as possible to maximise the nutritional value of our ingredients!

We are a company from Poland – this is where we make our foods and snacks, obtain the ingredients, pay our taxes and provide jobs. Every day we endeavour to offer your dog a meal that is not only healthy, but also tasty.

Experience the unique process of making our foods and snacks


Simple composition

We know that the health and well-being of your dog is of the utmost importance to you. We can perfectly relate to that, we have gone crazy about our dogs ourselves!

Therefore, we offer foods and snacks based on a simple composition – delicious meat, offal, vegetables, a touch of fruit and natural ingredients that will improve the health of the four-legged member of your family. This will be more than enough to make your dog feel WILD!

Top quality

Our foods and snacks consist only of wholesome ingredients, which we select very carefully from a range of local suppliers.

nutriWILD foods and snacks do not contain MBM, cereals, colour additives, preservatives and sugar. Neither do we use food attractants or glycerine.