How do we make our foods and snacks?

More than anything - in harmony with nature and the idea of slow food, using traditional methods of preparing food; wet foods are stewed in their own juice, and some of the snacks are unhurriedly air-dried or oven-baked, just like our dry foods.

Natural manufacturing

In contrast to the majority of dog food companies, we reject the use of high pressure and temperatures (up to 400°C!), which rid the food of its natural nutrients and vitamins.

We attach great importance to our foods being natural and based on a simple composition, since the health and safety of your dog is our priority. nutriWILD snacks and foods are made entirely or mostly from juicy and wholesome meat, offal, fruit and vegetables which are supplied locally. We also add natural ingredients that are beneficial to your dog’s well-being, such as sea algae, Yucca schidigera extract, rosemary and milk thistle.

nutriWILD foods and snacks are MBM-, cereal-, colour additive-, preservative- and sugar-free. Neither do we use food attractants or glycerine, because…WE DON’T WANT TO AND WE DON’T HAVE TO! Our unique manufacturing process allows us to preserve the vast majority of nutrients and the natural aroma of the ingredients, which make our foods tastier and easily digestible.